The wood burning boiler

Our wood burning boiler is an upright standing device for supplying the hot water necessary for a home, which heats the water by burning solid wood. The fumes are extracted from the tank system through a built in pipe while heating the water inside the boiler. It’s easy and comfortable to use, it needs a small space and it’s easy to connect to the hot water system of the house. The device is suitable for supplying hot water to several water points.

Heating device:

The firebox is made of regular carbon steel welded and painted. The firebox door and the soot area are covered by a common door.

We can adjust the draught with a handle on this door. The water inside the boiler is heated by the furnace using exclusively wood and paper based fuels.

The water heating cylinder :

The water heating cylinder serves the purpose of heating the general usage hot water for a home by directly heating the water by the fire burning in the furnace and the evacuating fumes. The cylinder has two variants: stainless steel (the water heated is potable) and regular carbon steel variant (the water heated in not potable). There are five pieces of 1 inch sleeves for connecting different piping elements.


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