The flues

The stiff flue fittings manufactured by Kolozsi József Kft. conform to the related chapters of the MSZ EN 1856-1:2009, MSZ EN 1856-2:2009 and MS ZEN 1859:2009 standards. The raw material quality of the still fitting is DC 01Am according to the EN 10130 standard, the minimum wall thickness is 1.5 mm cold formed and welded. The surface treatment is done by electrostatic powder painting according to 1856-2 T600 N1 D Vm L99150 G(500) NM standard. It is part of the T600 temperature class stiff fittings where the nominal smoke temperature cannot exceed 600°C. The distance to flammable materials need to be at lest 500 mm.

In case the unwanted contact to the fillings cannot be avoided by building the flues into the walls they need to be insulated. The stiff fittings are manufactured in capsulated form and they can be assembled by fitting one into the other. Since the smoke flow direction is not marked on the flues the fittings need to be oriented with their lager diameter to the output of the furnace, and every other item needs to be fitted to the narrower diameter of the already installed item, in other words the extra items need to be fitted onto the capsulated end of the already fitted items. These flues are available in diameters between 120 mm and 300 mm.

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