The hot water tank

The indirect heated hot water tanks are solutions for generating hot water for general use. The water is heated by the room heating water of a furnace, or by the fluid form a solar collector through the heat exchanger of the hot water tank. There are two variants of the hot water tank: stainless steel and insulated steel sheet metal with potable water compliant surface treatment. In case of the steel sheet metal the outer surface is also painted. There is one or two heat exchangers in the tank which allow the water heating, where the heat is passed over by the surface in contact with the general use hot water. The tank has a closed system, so it can supply several water points with hot water. The water coming from the tanks is suitable for personal hygiene, washing but it is also potable. The extremely environmentally friendly stone wool surrounding the tank and the Freon free polyurethane foam allow the water to stay hot for a long time without consuming extra energy.

The inner surface of the steel tank was treated with a special potable water compliant coating which is accompanied by the active anode. Each of the indirect heated hot ware tanks can be fitted with an auxiliary electric heating element. Affordable power, affordable quality! When we designed and manufactured this furnace family we considered various factors allowing an optimum functionality regardless of the conditions. Each of these devices is EU approved. They are listed in standard EN 303-5 2012, which was homologated in Hungary under the name of Class A MSZ EN 303-5 2013 standard. The categories spread form Class 1 to Class 5, where the Class 1 is the worst and Class 5 is the best. Available performance and sizes: currently our furnaces are being manufactured from 20kg up to 140kgs. We plan to extend our pallet to furnaces with even higher capacity.

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